Charged with a criminal offence in the Kelowna area and wondering, “What do I do now?”
Good news: you’ve come to the right place for an honest and thorough assessment of your options.


Welcome to the Gwena L. Ozem Law Office, a Kelowna based firm specializing in personal and corporate criminal defence law across the Okanagan.

As a former federal and provincial prosecutor, lecturer and legal advisor for 22 years and a lawyer for 26 years, I have conducted literally thousands of trials and hearings and provided legal advice to law enforcement agencies throughout my career ranging from DUI’s and blowing over .08 to white collar crime, drug trafficking, proceeds of crime and money laundering.

Simply put, I’m backed by experience to provide you with a thorough and honest assessment of your options and excellent representation throughout the criminal process.

What’s at stake for you?

Being a person charged with a criminal offence can be overwhelming.  A finding of guilt can have a severe impact on:

  •  Your liberty
  •  Employment
  •  Driving privileges
  •  Ability to travel for foreign countries
  •  Family and home life

That’s why results matter. Team up with a lawyer who puts professionalism and integrity first. Get a solid plan of action and dedicated follow-through with Gwena L. Ozem.

What’s at stake for your company?

Businesses and corporations can also be the subject of charges whether it is as a result of a Canada Revenue Agency, WorkSafe BC or Environmental Protection investigation.  The laying of charges and a finding of guilt can:

  •  Drastically impact a company’s reputation
  •  Create substantial economic loss

Find clarity. Move forward. No matter how complex or simple the charge, you want to navigate through the process with confidence and peace of mind.

For assistance with a criminal charge in the Kelowna area, contact Gwena today.