Corporate Criminal Charges

Fear and frustration doesn’t have to control you during the criminal process.

With your company’s reputation and economic well being on the line due to a corporate criminal charge, everything can feel out of control. So here’s some good news: Gwena L. Ozem can provide direction and clarity while assisting you through the criminal process.  Whether your corporation or business has been accused of money laundering or a WorkSafe BC violation, there is a realistic solution with steps to take through the justice system. Yours is within reach.

Examples of corporate criminal charges:

  •      Criminal Code violations
  •      Tax evasion/failing to file returns
  •      WorkSafe BC violations
  •      Environmental Act violations
  •      Insider trading


When it comes to representing corporate criminal charges, experience counts.

Gwena L. Ozem has an extensive and diverse background as a lawyer, former federal and provincial prosecutor, legal advisor and lecturer. Learn more about her prosecutorial experience here.


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