Personal Criminal Charges

Helping you understand your options so you can move forward with confidence.

Personal criminal charges can have drastic consequences on your life. From marijuana possession to blowing over .08 at a roadblock, the anger, confusion and fear you might feel upon accusation can be overwhelming. That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced lawyer who can offer you and your loved ones clarity and direction throughout the criminal process.


Examples of personal criminal charges:

Driving – DUI & drunk driving, ‘blowing over .08’, DWI, dangerous driving, criminal negligence causing death or bodily harm.

Drugs – Possession, trafficking, importing, exporting, grow-op offences.

Property – Fraud, theft, proceeds of crime and money laundering.


Here’s where your experienced criminal lawyer comes in:

Gwena L. Ozem works to ensure you receive a thorough and honest assessment of your options and excellent representation throughout the criminal process. Services include:

-Bail hearings

-Preliminary inquiries

-Trial processes

-Sentence hearings

Get skilled and dependable representation for every step of the way.

Gwena L. Ozem will help you make sense of which route to take, based on extensive research of your case. With over 20 years experience as a lawyer, former federal and provincial prosecutor, lecturer and legal advisor, Gwena L. Ozem is backed by a rich foundation of knowledge and practice in her field. Personal criminal charges are a serious matter.


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